martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Ashton Irwin

Name: Ashton Fletcher Irwin
Age: 19
Birth date: July 7, 1994
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Blond
He’s the oldest, wisest, and last piece of the puzzle. Ashton was added to the band when the boys needed a drummer for an upcoming show. With that, he completed 5SOS. Ashton has a happy and loving personality that makes all fans adore him. Almost always, you can find Ashton smiling. Unlike most drummers, Ashton sings for the band too. Fans also love his little brother Harry, who Ashton spends a lot of time with. He’s known for making the bands Keek videos and tweeting lots of pictures for the fans to enjoy. He names Avenged Sevenfold as his favorite band and Hayley Williams as his celebrity crush. But the number one thing everyone loves about Ashton: his laugh!

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