martes, 14 de enero de 2014

Calum Hood

Name: Calum Thomas Hood
Age: 17
Birth date: January 25, 1996
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Calum was a friend of Luke and Michael’s in school growing up and is an original member of the band. He’s known in the band as the bass player and sings with Luke in most songs. Sometimes, he refers to himself as “Cash Money” for fun. His recognizable “kiwi” (New Zealander) features are unique and adored by fans. Calum’s parents are Joy and David, and his sister is Mali, who he is extremely close with. Calum names his favorite band as blink-182 and his favorite food as pizza. He says he loves puppies and Fifa, but his biggest love is for the fans, which shows when his face lights up on stage.

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